Our Capability
ICT has chosen to produce plastic component parts and fabricating mold as the management team is highly familiar with plastic technical knowledge and confident to suceed.

We have machine ranging from 20 tons to 560 tons for plastic injection molding and CNC for mold fabrication .
ICT's molding operation is running in 24 hours a day and it has molded over 100 different thermoplastic resins to produce plastic part for high and low volume project.

ICT is committed to serving customer's needs in the time frame required to meet customer project's demand and kick off as scheduled.

Our capabilities :

Horizontal Molding
Over Molding
Insert Molding
Hot Runner Molding
Secondary Assembly
Secondary Drilling, Tapping and Machining
Plastic Mold
Plastic Injection Molds
Thermoplastic Resins use for Plastic Injection Molding
Common Resin
Common Resin
Engineering Resin
Engineering Resin
Nylon, Nylon Glass Fiber
Over Molding Resin
Over Molding Resin
Soft Feeling Resin
Thermoplastic Rubber
Polyvinyl Cloride (PVC)
Conductive Resin
Conductive Resin