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  • Capability Specialization
  • Plastic Injection Molding
  • Mold Making
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  • A metal placed into plastic mold to strengthening part without the need of multiple parts
    Various application plastic parts are produced. More than 100 different plastic resin materials are fed into an extruder, melt and inject from the mold horizontally.
    Multi plastic resins with different properties are combined to a single plastic part. It shall reduce the overall cost and save manufacturing time.
    Heaters installed system into mold to maximize your productivity with faster cycle time, eliminate gate and produce high volume production.
    Several plastic part assembly services to help better serve and managing customer needs.
    A wide range of secondary processes from de-burring, drilling, tapping to machining are available to meets customer requirement.
    Multiple system of plastic molds are fabricated for loading small to big tonnage machine.
Why Us

The establishment of ICT is strongly encouraged by customer in view of limited number of good plastic part molder and mold maker, reliable service as well as quality of parts provided.

As a one stop solution company, once tooling is completed and first article samples are approved, we can begin the production upon receipt your oder.

ICT has always reviewed itself, provide a one stop solution to customer, continue invest in technology and exceed customer expectations. We believe that a high quality plastic part with high quality mold design.

About Us

ICT Precision Engineering Sdn Bhd was incorporated in Malaysia on September of 2010. It's a private limited company and situated in Kedah state. It is accessible via Malaysia North-South Highway and approximately 40 km away from Penang port.

We have more than 20 years experience team members in plastic injection molding, mold making and built various plastic parts and molds according to drawing or sample from customer all over the world.